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You Know You're A Child Of The 90s When…

You Know You're A Child Of The 90s When…

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Growing up in the 1990s was fresh, a Britpop paradise - Gameboys, Grunge, Friends and The Fresh Prince were masters of their genres. This colourful book reminds those who were there of a time when the Spice Girls and Girl Power were on-trend and Push Pops were truly ‘the bomb’.

Dimensions: 15.4 x 11.1cm
Author: Charlie Ellis; 2016
Hardback;128 pages


Brashness is polished down to a more professional looking boldness, a mini revival of trendiness and a renewed (if misplaced) self-confidence perhaps overstretches itself at times. Nevertheless, there is a sense of modernity and seriousness – even behind the traditional and frivolous, as the arbitrary ‘end of millennium’/’new start’ approaches.

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