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You Know You're A Child Of The 70s When…

You Know You're A Child Of The 70s When…

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Growing up in the 1970s was bright and glam-tinted - Choppers, Multi-coloured Swap Shop, Platform Shoes and Tank Tops were just some of the sights to behold. This colourful book reminds those who were there of a time when Space Hoppers were the way to get around and hot pants were cool.

Dimensions: 15.4 x 11.1cm
Author: Charlie Ellis; 2016
Hardback; 128 pages


Colourful and more than a little garish, there is, despite the discontent and financial turmoil, a joyous explosion of wild extroversion - the crazy styles, the bold designs, the broad, unvarnished tastes - before everything became sanitized and ‘safe’.

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