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World War 2 Aircraft Polystyrene Gliders

World War 2 Aircraft Polystyrene Gliders (Pack of 3)

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Coming in several designs, based on actual Second World War military aircraft, these simple polystyrene gliders come in a flat paper envelope, ready for quick assembly. With only a few component parts (fuselage, main wing, tail wing and propeller) they are ready to go almost straight away. Then fun - see how far they can fly or watch them stall and plummet to the ground almost immediately – it’s your choice and your skill which will decide – depending on what angle they’re thrown at, how fast they’re thrown and a multitude of other slight adjustments.

Dimensions: 6 x 21cm (each)


Perhaps the ultimate pocket-money toy in the second half of the 20th Century, particularly the eighties, these self-assembly, flat-pack, disposable gliders came neatly packed in a long, thin and colourful paper envelope. Three pieces of shaped polystyrene were inside (one fuselage and two wings), along with a clear plastic clip and a coloured plastic propeller and peg. The peg was used to attach the propeller to the plastic clip, which in turn slid onto the nose of the fuselage. Two strips of die-cut polystyrene had to be removed from the fuselage section and the main and tail wings would be pushed through the resultant slots. The plane was then assembled ready to be released into the air.

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