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Wooden Pop Gun / Rifle

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This classic wooden pop gun rifle is a great gift for the child just discovering the Wild West – or some adults who want to rediscover their childhood. A cork attached to the end of the barrel makes a pop noise when expelled from the end by the pressure of the butt being forced forwards; when the motion is reversed, the cork is pulled back into the barrel (it’s attached by a string) – ready for another go. There’s a knack to getting the pop sound to ring out every time but it’s a satisfying and clear ‘pop’ – and the pops can continue all day long.

Dimensions: 2 x 53cm
Not recommended for children under 3 years of age


Different types of popguns (or pop guns or pop-guns) have been made for use as toys – they were originally made of a hollowed-out alder, willow, or elder branches in the southern US in the early 1900s. Their invention has been attributed to African American inventor Edward Lewis. Using air pressure (created through a piston action), they used to project a small wad of paper, but have latterly expelled a piece of cork or foam (attached by string, to aid re-insertion) from the end of their barrel.

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