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Vinyl Record Coasters

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These wipe-clean silicone rubber drinks coasters (four) are in the shape of old vinyl singles and have four differently coloured centre ‘labels’. Stylishly packaged in a turntable design box, these make a great accessory for the vinyl enthusiast or music lover.

Dimensions: 10cm
Washable and dishwasher safe


Made from polyvinyl chloride (previously from shellac), gramophone records are also called phonograph records or vinyl records, or simply ‘records’. A flat, usually black, analogue sound storage medium, the surfaces are engraved with a modulated groove, which holds the encoded sound (starting near the edge and spiralling towards the centre). When a stylus (needle) is gently rested in the groove of a rotating record, it vibrates at the appropriate frequencies and this is amplified to recreate the recorded sound. Several formats have been popular – in size (12", 10", 7"), playback speed (16 2⁄3prm, 33 1⁄3rpm, 45rpm and 78rpm), capacity (LP, long playing; SP, single; EP, extended play), quality (high-fidelity, orthophonic, full-range) and number of channels (mono, stereo, quad). First to be introduced were 10” records In 1901, then 12” in 1903. Records gradually replaced wax phonograph cylinders, which co-existed with records until the 1920s. With the manufacturing patents expiring by 1919, the record ruled supreme for much of the 20th Century (even when other formats like compact cassettes challenged it). However, digital formats like the compact disc eventually gained the upper hand and records fell out of the mainstream in 1991, though they were still sold, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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