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Star Trek Mug (Trouble with Tribbles)

Star Trek Mug (Trouble with Tribbles)

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This Official Star Trek porcelain mug commemorates the classic Trouble with Tribbles episode from 1967 with a new artistic wrap-around design and is supplied in a presentation box. A perfect gift for the Star Trek fan.

Dimensions: 10cm / 350ml
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Officially Licensed Product


The Original Series of Star Trek ran on the NBC channel from 8 September 1966 to 3 June 1969 (3 seasons for a total of 79 Episodes). Created by Gene Roddenberry, it followed the adventures of the USS (starship) Enterprise, and its crew (headed by Captain James T. Kirk) while exploring the galaxy and discovering strange new worlds. These adventures continued in Star Trek: The Animated Series, produced by Filmation, which ran from 1973 to 1974 (2 seasons).


Tribbles are small furry creatures which, while cute, have the unfortunate habit of reproducing exponentially and consuming vast amounts of food as they do so. Consequently, Starfleet forbids their transportation, considering them dangerous (Klingons consider them “mortal enemies”). Though they only appeared in four TV episodes (and briefly in four movies), they are well known – even to casual viewers – and are one of the most popular Star Trek aliens. They first featured in “The Trouble with Tribbles”, in 1967, where they were shown as small, furry, soft and gentle creatures which made a soothing cooing sound when stroked – all endearing traits to the crew.

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