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Sophistication - Songs & Style From the 1930s CD

Sophistication - Songs & Style From the 1930s CD

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Perhaps more than any other, the word which encapsulates the music of the thirties is ‘sophistication’. This collection of over an hour of the music of the decade sung expertly by stars of both stage and screen. Indulge in a little style in these expertly cleaned and remastered original recordings.


Carroll Gibbons - Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
Fred Astaire - Things Are Looking Up
Fred Astaire - The Way You Look Tonight
Hildegarde - The Touch Of Your Lips
Hildegarde - Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
Noel Coward - Just Let Me look At you
Noel Coward - Where Are The Songs We Sung?
Gertrude Lawrence - Limehouse Blues; You Were Meant For Me; Do Do Do; Someone To Watch Over Me; Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich, And You; Wild Thyme; Experiment
Benny Carter - Nightfall
Greta Keller - So Little Time
Hutch - I Poured My Heart Into A Song
Marlene Dietrich - You Do Something To Me
Marlene Dietrich - Falling In Love Again
Jack Buchanan - Dancing Honeymoon; And Her mother Came Too; Fancy Our Meeting/Who/Two Little Bluebirds; Goodnight Vienna; It's not You; There's Always Tomorrow
Elisabeth Welch - Drop In Next Time You're Passing
Jessie Matthews - One Little Kiss From You; Let me Give My Happiness To You; When You've Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart; Over My Shoulder; I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers; Got To Dance My Way To Heaven; Everything's In Rhythm With My Heart; Can Wiggle My Ears

Dimensions: 11.8 x 13.8 x 0.6cm


After the Roaring Twenties burned itself out, it yielded to a less frenetic palette of popular music. The popularity of night club entertainers soared when they began appearing 'on the halls' instead of being confined to exclusive nightspots. Charming, clever songs with great appeal created and reflected an age of elegance, refinement and a not inconsiderable wit.

Featured Artists:

#CarrollGibbons: Born in Massachusetts, he started as a pianist (at 10) and progressed to band and orchestra leader in Britain and USA. Carroll Gibbons And His Boy Friends were well known on the radio in the thirties.

#FredAstaire: Astaire was always elegant and stylish, from his effortlessness on the dance floor to his intimate delivery of classic songs. A consummate dancer, singer, actor and composer, his career began at just five years old.

#Hildegarde: Hildegarde Loretta Sell, born in Wisconsin, began as a pianist. She studied cabaret technique in Paris, playing piano wearing gloves and dancing with men from the audience, before making many fine recordings in London. Intermingling languages and a laugh in the voice are trademarks.

#NoelCoward: One of the Century’s most diversely brilliant entertainers, he was an actor, composer, playwright and singer, despite having had no formal musical education (beyond his musical family). Known for his gently-mocking tone, his milieu was the revue style very popular in the twenties and thirties.

#GertrudeLawrence: The most popular British star to appear on Broadway, her career ran parallel to that of her friend and contemporary Noel Coward. Working together and apart, they were both masters of their profession.

#BennyCarter: A saxophonist, trumpeter, composer, arranger and occasional bandleader, he also appeared in some films, writing for others. He was a peerless, enormously influential alto saxophone player.

#GretaKeller: 'The Great Lady Of Chanson' started in Vienna, transferred to London and then America. Very popular in cabaret, she had a keen ability to adapt herself to different songs. After her husband’s murder in 1943, she restarted her career in Switzerland, Vienna, Berlin and then New York.

#LeslieHutchinson: Born in Grenada and moving to London via New York and Paris, he was better known as Hutch, and was one of the most stylish entertainers on the London cabaret scene, popular, attractive, handsome, well-dressed and unfailingly courteous.

#MarleneDietrich: Glamorous, sultry, Marlene was born in Berlin and began a German film career in 1923 before moving on to films in the USA; in later life she performed in cabaret, she had an instantly recognisable way with a song, slinky, mysterious, aloof and beautifully sensuous.

#JackBuchanan: A ‘top hat and tails’, debonair song and dance man, oozing with charm and sophistication, and with an aristocratic bearing, his laid back voice helped him rise from his Scottish roots to become one of the best known musical stars of the thirties, appearing Broadway and in films.

#JessieMatthews: The only British musical star to be successful in the US as well as at home, she was a charming and talented singer, dancer and actress and starred in a string of hit musicals and films.

#ElisabethWelch: An American with an interesting background (a mixed race Native American / African father and Scottish / Irish mother), she had a long career as singer, actress, and entertainer, largely based in Britain.

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