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Science Test Tube Vases

Science Test Tube Vases

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These four glass test tubes in a rack are designed to replicate laboratory equipment. Ideal for using as vases, they could also be used as quirky shot glasses if you prefer. Unapologetically scholarly and nerdy, they are also undeniably cool.

Dimensions: 15.5 x 4.5 x 19.5cm
Materials: plywood; glass


Even if the world of the professional laboratory never encroaches on your adult life, the School Laboratories and their surfeit of wooden stools and benches, chemicals, flames, bubbling liquids and glassware is always a memory that perseveres. Experimenting (remember “Method, Results, Conclusion”) with potentially hazardous equipment and materials was possibly the most dangerous school life got.


A test tube (or culture tube or sample tube) consists of a long thin length of rigid glass or plastic tubing, open at one end and sealed with a hemispherical base (these features reduce mass loss when heating and pouring and make washing easier). Designed for laboratory use, to hold, mix or heat small quantities (of solids or liquids), they vary in length, width and thickness depending on intended application, and often have a flared lip to aid pouring. While the base is usually a hemisphere, they can be flat bottomed or have a conical base and some are made to accommodate a ground glass stopper or screw cap (as well as the usual rubber or cork bung) and they sometimes have an etched or glazed area near the top for labelling.

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