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Science Petri Dish Dipping Bowl Set

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Made of science grade borosilicate glass, these two Petri Dishes are designed to replicate laboratory equipment. Ideal for using as dipping bowls for your choice of dips, olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Unapologetically scholarly and nerdy, they are also undeniably cool.

Dimensions: 15 x 2.9cm; 16 x 2.9cm
Vegan friendly


Even if the world of the professional laboratory never encroaches on your adult life, the School Laboratories and their surfeit of wooden stools and benches, chemicals, flames, bubbling liquids and glassware is always a memory that perseveres. Experimenting (remember “Method, Results, Conclusion”) with potentially hazardous equipment and materials was possibly the most dangerous school life got.


A Petri dish (or Petrie dish, Petri plate, cell-culture dish) is named after a German bacteriologist called Julius Richard Petri. A shallow cylindrical lidded dish (glass or plastic), biologists use the dishes to culture cells – for example, they are often used to make agar plates for microbiology studies.

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