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RAF Spitfire Pilots Notebook

RAF Spitfire Pilots Notebook

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This replica Royal Air Force pilots’ notebook (for the Spitfire aircraft) is based on authentic artefacts and information from the RAF Museum archives. It has 80 narrow ruled pages of 80gsm, acid free, paper. A wonderful gift for those with an interest in aircraft, military history or the Second World War.

Dimensions: A6
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The Royal Air Force (RAF), which was formed in the UK towards the end of the First World War (1918), was the first and largest military air force in the world. It has had a crucial role – in particular through the success of the Battle of Britain campaign of the Second World War.


The Supermarine Spitfire is a beloved icon of the 20th Century – particularly during, and as a result of, the role it played for the Allied Forces in the Second World War. Designed by R. J. Mitchell (chief designer at the Supermarine Aviation Works, a subsidiary of Vickers-Armstrong), it was a single seat, short-range, high-performance interceptor fighter plane. Its thin elliptical wing (designed by B. Shenstone) allowed it to have a higher top speed than many of its contemporaries. Though the Allies’ Hawker Hurricane planes were more numerous during the infamous Battle of Britain, in 1940, the Spitfire’s better performance helped it achieve a better victory-to-loss ratio and the public took it to be the main RAF fighter. Several variants were manufactured, it was the only fighter to be in continuous production throughout the war and there were more produced than of any other British aircraft. Around 54 airworthy Spitfires still exist.

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