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Pocket Sewing Kit (Darn It)

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This mid-century styled, book-shaped metal tin comes complete with practical and helpful tools to get sewing or make that quick repair. Perfect for emergencies or as a starter kit.

Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 3cm
Vegan friendly


Sewing Kits have been around for as long as sewing – one of the oldest textile crafts. Joining cloth with stitching using needle and thread has been a commonly held skill for millennia. However, with the invention of the sewing machine and the rise of computerisation, mass production and the import-export of sewn objects have dramatically reduced the practises of home dressmaking and even repairing damage to clothing or other household items (which perhaps reached its modern peak during the ‘make do and mend’ years of rationing). Sewing by hand is still an artisan skill – in high-end tailoring and fashion – and as an aid to creativity in textile art and crafts.

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