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Pocket Address Book (Rotary Dial)

Pocket Address Book (Rotary Dial)

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It’s very easy to rely on computers and mobile phones to store telephone numbers (and possibly addresses too), but what about when that technology is lost, stolen, broken or damaged? Technology experts repeatedly tell us to keep back-ups of important information – and sometimes the simplest and longest-standing tools become the most invaluable. What better way to keep the address and telephone details of your nearest and dearest (and those people you haven’t spoken to in years) safe and to-hand than in this pocket address and telephone book. Featuring an old-fashioned telephone’s rotary dial image on the discreet front cover.

Dimensions: 7.6 x 12.7 x 1cm
Paperback; 160 pages


The rotary dial was gradually superseded by the much quicker and easier method of push-button dialling, which uses a keypad and a multi-frequency system (introduced in 1962 as "Touch-Tone") to input numbers. Before that, however, rotary dialling was the method used. This used pulses to transmit numbers to the telephone exchange. Digits were arranged in sequence in a circular layout and an overlaid wheel was rotated (by finger) from the fixed ‘stop’ position to the desired number and back. On the return rotation, the constant telephone signal was interrupted a defined number of times – generating ‘pulses’ for the automated exchange to decode – this indicated the transmitted digit.

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