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Password Keeper Notebook (Safe)

Password Keeper Notebook (Safe)

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Technology experts repeatedly tell us to keep our login details, usernames and passwords safe – but not on the computers, which can be hacked and infected with viruses. Sometimes the simplest and longest-standing tools become the most invaluable. What better way to keep your details safe and to-hand than in this analogue password keeping notebook. Featuring an old-fashioned combination safe image on the discreet front cover, this book comes with 160 thumb-indexed pages, an elastic closure and a pocket for cards and slips of paper.

Dimensions: 7.6 x 12.7 x 1cm
Paperback; Pages 160 pages


Combination locks have been known since Roman times. The modern combination locking mechanism is said to have been invented by Joseph Loch for Tiffany's Jewellers in New York City in the late 1800s. Many more improvements have taken place since that time. Commonly used for safes, a rotary combination lock incorporates a dial which must be rotated (left and right) in a predefined way and to a specified extent to release the lock, and open the door. There are usually three discs inside the mechanism, with notches which must be aligned, one by one, and in the correct manner, to release the lock.

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