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This vintage-styled OXO storage tin replicates the traditional shape of the packaged product. It features the original vintage artwork from OXO packaging. Ideal for storing any dry goods including, of course, OXO, should you so wish.

Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 9cm
No gravy included
Officially Licensed Product


Originally, OXO was just a brand of beef stock (meat extract), but it has developed into other meat extracts, herbs, spices and associated food products. Presumably derived from the word 'ox', OXO was the first commercial sponsor of the Olympic Games (in 1908) and promoted its products with recipes, gifts and sponsorships throughout the century. Originally a thick liquid, it was at that time a premium product, so OXO developed a dry solid version, to be sold, in cubes, for a penny. OXO cubes were launched in 1910 and, during the First World War, 100 million were supplied to the armed forces (amazingly, all of the cubes were hand-wrapped). The cubes are simple to use – crumbled into food during cooking or dissolved into boiling water to form gravy.

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