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Muppets Beaker Plant Pot


This plant pot / flower pot features the face of Beaker (in 3D), the laboratory assistant of Dr Honeydew in the Muppet Show. Well known for being the victim of countless experiments, you too can add to his shocked expression by growing all manner of plants out of the top of his head – herbs, cress, decorative flowers, perhaps a cactus – the choice is yours. A gentle lilac colour, this is a lovely, lively and quirky indoor plant container, glazed inside and out.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 11 x 10.8cm
No plants or soil included
Officially Licensed Product


The Muppet Show itself ran from 1976-1981, but The Muppets were created much earlier, in 1955, by Jim Henson. The characters were large-featured puppets, interacting with humans (who towered over them in most cases), and indulging in a self-referential and burlesque-style of sketch comedy.


Beaker is the long-suffering lab assistant of Dr. Honeydew the scientist on The Muppet Show. Added in 1977, for the second series, the drawbridge mouth squealing "Mee-mee-mee", bulging eyes and shock of red hair instantly endeared the shy lab-coat-wearing walking disaster area to the audience. He routinely suffers from the Doctor’s experiments – from unusual side affects or misfortunes such as electrocution, explosion or being eaten.

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