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Muppets Animal Tin Tote

Muppets Animal Tin Tote

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This Animal design tin tote box, with hinged lid, black plastic carry handle and metal closure clasp, is an ideal lunch box for the Muppet Show fan. It could also be utilised at home to storing any little keepsakes, knick-knacks, trinkets or even dry food.

Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 8cm
No lunch included
Officially Licensed Product


The Muppet Show itself ran from 1976-1981, but The Muppets were created much earlier, in 1955, by Jim Henson. The characters were large-featured puppets, interacting with humans (who towered over them in most cases), and indulging in a self-referential and burlesque-style of sketch comedy.


Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem was the in-house band on The Muppet Show and Animal was the wild and crazed force-of-nature drummer of the band (originally created by Michael K. Frith). He was originally voiced by Frank Oz, and latterly by Eric Jacobson. Often chained to his drumset for the protection of colleagues and audience alike, he was largely limited to grunts and snarls, with only the occasional repetition of key phrases, followed by his raucous laugh. His madcap drumming (on The Muppet Show) was masterfully performed by Ronnie Verrell – who was himself an accomplished whirlwind of a musician, playing for both the Ted Heath Orchestra and Syd Lawrence Orchestra.

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