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Mucha Le Lierre Keyring

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Exceptionally durable, this keyring is made with high quality zinc alloy and the design is coated with a hard-wearing, soft touch epoxy coating. Perfectly weighted, it’s heavy enough to notice (you don’t want to lose your keys) but light enough to not be a burden in either pocket or bag. The 1900s Mucha Collection image beautifully recreates the vintage feeling of the Art Nouveau period.

Dimensions: 4cm


Alfons Maria Mucha (or Alphonse Mucha), was a Czech painter and decorative artist. His distinctive Art Nouveau (“new art”) style, which used pale pastel colours which contrasted with the traditional contemporary colouration, came to prominence in the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris. Often featuring young women in long, vaguely neoclassical, robes, his designs were also frequently verdant and floral. His designs/work was created for an amazing array of media for the time: paintings, illustrations, adverts, postcards, posters, book illustrations, jewellery, carpets, wallpaper, and theatre sets.


Le Lierre (Ivy) is a colour lithograph from 1901, well known as an Art Nouveau advertisement poster.

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