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Lost Airlines Button Badge Set

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This set of 4 button badges beautifully recreates the retro feeling - for brands of old. Button badges have always been a fun and simple way to declare our affection for (and/or affiliation with) the things around us. This themed set celebrates some of the classic branding of the glamorous mid-century airline industry:

  • TWA
  • PAN AM
  • BEA
  • BOAC

Dimensions: 25mm each


One of the "Big Four" US domestic airlines (with American, United, and Eastern), Trans World Airlines (TWA) operated from 1925 until 2001. It initially operated a route from New York City to Los Angeles.


Pan American World Airways (Pan American Airways up to 1950) was formed in 1927. Known as Pan Am, it was the unofficial flag-carrier of the USA and its largest international airline (until it collapsed in 1991). Initially an airmail and passenger service between Florida and Cuba, it was at the forefront of innovation – initiating the use of jet aircraft, jumbo jets and computerized reservation systems. It also became an icon of the industry, with a distinctive blue globe logo ("The Blue Meatball"), the pilots’ white caps and by using "Clipper" in its names and call signs.


British European Airways (BEA) operated from 1946 until 1974, when a merger with BOAC formed British Airways (BA). It was originally the European division of BOAC, but became independent and flew to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East from the UK (as well as being the largest to fly domestically within the UK).


Formed by the merger of Imperial Airways and British Airways in 1940, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) was a state-owned UK airline. European services moved to British European Airways (BEA) in 1946, along with South American services to British South American Airways (BSAA). BOAC merged with BSAA in 1949, and BEA in 1974, eventually forming British Airways (BA).

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