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Keep Britain Tidy: And Other Posters From The Nanny State

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This is a compelling insight into the social history of postwar British governments’ attempts to influence the population – what jobs they desired, how they spent and saved their money, what they ate and drank and how they behaved. It also chronicles the changing graphical styles of the period and provides an enlightening account of the nanny state. Includes over 40 detachable posters produced between 1945 and 1975, selected from The National Archives:

  • Keep Britain Tidy
  • Life is Better on the Land
  • Don’t Ask a Man to Drink and Drive
  • Be Really Cool, Man, Save
  • Clunk Click Every Trip

Dimensions: 31.7 x 24cm
Author: Hester Vaizey; 2014
Paperback; 94 pages; 48 Colour Illustrations


The Central Office of Information (COI), provides consultancy, procurement and project management for public information campaigns. Established in 1946 following the closure of the wartime Ministry of Information, the COI produced information campaigns to inform the public on a range of issues affecting their daily lives (health, welfare, education and rights).

You can now view the complete archive of the films produced by COI on The National Archives' website (the link opens in a new window):

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