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Industrial Soap Dish

Industrial Soap Dish

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Simple and stylish in industrial-effect cream coloured powder coated steel, this soap dish is ideal for kitchen (or bathroom). The dish features an inner tray with drainage holes (which allow the soap to drain and dry – preserving the freshness of the soap). A classic, original and timeless design, this is the perfect gift for someone who always has mushy wet soap sliding around the edge of the sink or wash basin.

Dimensions: 13 x 10.5 x 2cm
No soap included


Soap dishes, or holders, hold a bar of soap in place when not in use – usually on the edge of a washing area such as a sink, washbasin, bathtub or shower. Made from waterproof materials (for fairly obvious reasons), they usually feature some way to raise the soap allowing it to drain and dry out rather than sit in its residual water.

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