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Hourglass Egg Timer

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The original and still the best – a 3 minute hourglass egg timer with the classical design, including the protective wooden frame. This is always useful in the kitchen, but also for several (board) games which need some element of timing. Stylish and functional and ideal for the lover of the traditional.

Dimensions:16.5 x 10 x 5cm


A traditionally egg-timer is a small hourglass, manufactured to measure about three minutes (the time to soft-boil a medium hen's egg in water). As the cooking process is hidden inside the shell, and as changes are rapid in the first few minutes of cooking, a timer is critical. Hourglasses were used as they are mechanical devices designed to measure the passage of time. They involve a flow of a material like sand which is regulated by a narrow neck between two glass bulbs – the material flows, using gravity, from the upper to the lower bulb. Inverting the hourglass repeats the process.

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