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Horseshoe Magnet

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Things can be both fun and educational – discover what is and is not attracted to this traditional horseshoe magnet and learn a bit of physics at the same time. It comes gift boxed with an information sheet and iron (magnetic) bar.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 11.5cm
WARNING! Choking hazard; small parts.
Not for children under 6 years.


Used for decades in the school classroom and laboratory to teach children about magnetism (physics), the horseshoe magnet has become something of an icon. Easily recognised by its red horseshoe shape and silver ends, it has frequently been used in comics and other media. The shape of the magnet is due to two factors: firstly, having two magnetic poles together provides a greater magnetic pull; secondly, magnets can be demagnetised by other magnetic fields (an older or stronger magnet, for example) but in this shape, the magnet is more resistant to demagnetisation.

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