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Greetings From Retro Design: Vintage Graphics Decade By Decade

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Illustrated in colour throughout, this is a lively history of the development of graphic design throughout the 20th Century. Including a host of fantastic images, proving just how brilliant the originals were/are, it is a vibrant source of inspiration and fascination. The book starts with a series of timelines – to show how key artistic movements, design trends and technological advances developed – and also to reflect on external influences such as politics, technology and architecture. Then each chapter focuses on each of the ten decades to analyse the common styles, designers, typefaces and palettes.

Dimensions: 24.6 x 19cm
Author: Tony Seddon; 2015
Hardback; 224 pages


The 20th Century was the most design-led century ever. With consumerism in full flow, mass media flourishing and, in the latter part of the century, the information technology revolution, design was truly brought to the masses.

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