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Golden Shred Toast Rack

Golden Shred Toast Rack

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This cream ceramic toast rack features the authentic and original Golden Shred branding.

Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 9cm
No toast included
Officially Licensed Product


Previously a partnership, James Robertson & Sons, Preserve Manufacturers became a company in 1903. Its main product is the “Golden Shred” brand, but it produces other marmalades and fruit preserves. Notably, the mascot and trademark for the company was the “Golly”, a rag doll with black skin, white eyes, red lips and frizzy hair (“Golly” is derived from “doll”). It was spotted as a toy in America just before the First World War and was adopted by Robertson’s, first appearing in 1910. Even when it had become controversial in the letter part of the century (for its racial connotations), it remained until being retired in 2002.

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