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Flour Sifter

Flour Sifter

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This 1950s mechanical flour sifter ensures that lumpy flour is milled into a soft and light flour with an even consistency – for the best baking results possible. It’s also ideal for lightly sifting flour finely onto worktops. Just squeeze the (light) trigger-action handle repeatedly and the internal spokes rotate smoothly against the fine mesh on the base to agitate, sift and aerate the flour. Gravity does the rest. Fine sifting like this is crucial where a light, fluffy texture is needed (cakes and soufflés, for example). The sifter can also be used to segregate fine powder from larger chunks (like vanilla bean parts in vanilla powdered sugar). It is also a very useful and efficient way to make sure dry baking ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Finish off your baked masterpieces professionally, finely and consistently as well by using the sifter to give an even sprinkling on your finished product (sugar, icing sugar or cocoa powder).

Dimensions: 15x x10 x 13cm


The word "sift" derives from "sieve" - a sifter is designed to separate desired elements from undesired ones – and also to aerate and combine materials. One such use is to break up and regulate the particle size of a material (such as flour) by passing it through a mesh of metal designed to only allow sufficiently small particles through. One of the original functions of the flour sifter was to screen out weevils, commonly found in flour which had been stored for some time.

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