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Electric Guitar & Amp Money Box

Electric Guitar & Amp Money Box

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This excellent high detailed electric guitar and amplifier money box is strung and has been hand painted in the classic sunburst design (the amp is white. Cast in quality polyresin, this scale reproduction is both a brilliant ornament and a great way to encourage saving the pennies. This fantastically crafted reproduction of the legendary vintage guitar and amp will be a real hit.

Dimensions: 18cm


Made by the Gibson Guitar Corporation since 1952, the Gibson Les Paul has become one of the best known guitars in the world and was one of the first mass-produced solid body electric guitars. Designed by Ted McCarty and John Huis (with little input from inventor and guitarist Les Paul), the guitar was originally unsuccessful. The sunburst design was added in 1958, and in 1963 the single cutaway, carved top body styling was introduced.

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