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Discovery Channel Build Your Own 3D Space Shuttle

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A wonderful gift for any budding astronaut, engineer or space boffin, this 60 piece kit creates a brilliant and detailed model of the Discovery Space Shuttle. Great fun to put together (instructions are provided), it comes with educational facts about the space shuttle project and results in a beautiful model of NASA’s most memorable spacecraft. Inspired by the Discovery Channel, this gift aims to entertain, enthral and enlighten children and adults alike - and it doesn’t disappoint. (Link opens in a new window):

Dimensions: 30cm (when assembled)
Not suitable for children under 36 months (small parts)
Recommended for ages 8 and above
Officially Licensed Product


Established in 1958, and an independent agency of the US government, NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) handles the civilian space program and aeronautics and aerospace research.


Designed to be reusable, the Space Shuttle was operated by NASA. Officially called the Space Transportation System, it came from a 1969 plan. Test flights started in 1981, with operational flights the following year, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Five Shuttles were made and undertook 135 missions up to 2011, including the launch of satellites, probes and Hubble Space Telescope, conducting experiments and helping build and maintain the International Space Station. For launch, the Orbiter Vehicle was attached to two solid rocket boosters and a tank of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen (the boosters and tank were jettisoned before reaching orbit). It was launched vertically (like a rocket) and after re-entering the atmosphere, the Orbiter glided to a conventional runway landing, either at Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base in California (if the latter, it was then flown back to Florida on a modified Boeing 747).

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