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Dimpled Beer Pint Glass

Dimpled Beer Pint Glass

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Straight sided pint glasses are so ordinary. What you want is a solid, weighty, strong pint glass with a sturdy handle. Now seen as an iconic glass, the dimpled glass design is a classic, original and timeless design. Whether you’re drinking at home or ‘down the local’ this glass never looks out of place. Provided in a gift box, this is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates classic design (and perhaps a nice pint of ale as well).

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 13cm
Materials: glass
No beer included


Dimpled pint glasses (or dimple mugs, jug glasses, handled glasses) are having a resurgence in popularity, after falling out of fashion in favour of the straight-sided pint glass (but are still less common). Always more popular with the ‘older generation’ (perhaps because they are easier to hold) and they are regarded as being more traditional. Shaped like an oversized mug (with a handle) they are moulded with a grid of thickened glass (resembling a Second World War hand grenade). The dimples were originally intended to add strength and aid washing up – to withstand frequent washing and stopping it slipping when washed by hand, but when machine washing became prevalent from the 1960s, these were less crucial and stackability was a more useful feature.

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