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Curly Straws

Curly Straws

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Add a little fun to your drinks – whether they are soft drinks or exotic cocktails – with these colourful curly plastic straws. It’s actually oddly hypnotic if you pay attention to the way your drink scoots up the straw and around the twists and turns, eventually arriving to quench the thirst. A great gift for someone who needs a little extra fun adding to their every day. Two colour options (blue-green or pinks) with three different curly patterns.

Dimensions: 33 x 11.5 x 3cm
For cold drinks only; not for use with liquids over 45°C


Paper straws were market-leaders from the early 20th Century to the 1960s, after which they were gradually overhauled in popularity by the plastic straw – which offered much better durability. The first “Krazy Straw” was mass-produced in 1961. Probably based on a mistake – a tangle of tubing - the solid (translucent) plastic straw has twists and turns near the top and when liquid is sucked through it creates a visual delight, popular with children. Indeed, the winding path has been shown to have some therapeutic benefits for autistic children.

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