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Cook's Dry Measure

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The cook's dry measure is an invaluable kitchen tool for measuring dry ingredients quickly and accurately - without the need for scales. Cleverly marked on the inside with measurements for a variety of different foodstuffs, all the cook has to do is select the closest scale and pour it in to the desired level. It’s marked in both metric and imperial so there is no need to convert any recipes (old ones, modern ones, or ones from the US) - ounces, grams, American and English cups and pints are all included. Intended for dry goods, it can be used for fluids but they will find soon their way through the seams – it’s not watertight. Easy to look after, it only needs a quick wash in warm soapy water.

Made by hand in Liverpool since the 1920s (the link opens in a new window):

Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 14.5cm


With a Dry Measure, the volume of goods is measured by filling the container to a marked (pre-measured) level, or a struck measure. In the latter case, the container is filled to the top with any excess swept off ("struck") to make it level with the measure's brim (if a stick is used, it is called a "strickle").

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