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Colman's Mustard Tin

Colman's Mustard Tin

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This vintage-styled Colman's Mustard storage tin replicates the traditional shape of the packaged product. Air-tight, it features the original vintage artwork from Colman's mustard tins. Ideal for storing any dry goods including, of course, mustard, should you so wish.

Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 7cm
No mustard included
Officially Licensed Product


One of the oldest food brands, Colman's is over 200 years old and is known primarily for the varieties of mustard (and latterly, other sauces) it produces. Still based in Norfolk (UK), where Jeremiah Colman first blended brown (Brassica juncea) with white (Sinapis alba) mustard to create the now-familiar tanginess, it is now owned by the Unilever corporation. The bright yellow colouration and bull-head logo, and the Royal Warrant still held by the company, both commenced during Queen Victoria’s reign.

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