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Coca-Cola Money Box Tin

Coca-Cola Money Box Tin

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This Coca-Cola Can designed money box is an ideal gift for the older child who has grown out of some of the more youthful money boxes available. Not that this is just for children – everyone can use a little help to save, or to keep coins to one side for parking meters and other small purchases. Looking just like an oversized coke can, there is a slit for coins in the lid and the money is accessed by gently twisting off the lid.

Dimensions: 12 x 7cm


Invented by John Pemberton as a medicine, Coca-Cola (Coke) dominated the soft drinks market throughout the 20th Century. The name derives from two of the (original) ingredients, coca leaves and kola nuts. The recipe has always been a closely-guarded trade secret of the Coca-Cola Company, which makes a concentrated version of the carbonated drink. This concentrate is combined with filtered water and sweeteners before being carbonated and canned (or bottled) by companies across the world. Famous for its shapely glass bottles, cans of Coke first appeared in 1955.

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