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Chrome Bicycle Bell

Chrome Bicycle Bell

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This warning bell will alert pedestrians of your approach (and perhaps make them smile a little) keeping you, the cyclist, and other road and pavement users, safe. A top quality classic bicycle bell, with a satisfying ‘drriing’ sound. The bell is chrome plated and comes with the necessary metal fixtures to attach it to handle bars.

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 7cm


The modern bicycle bell was patented during the reign of Victoria by John Richard Dedicoat, a British inventor. Mounted to the handlebars, most bells are rung using a thumb-operated geared lever. Inside the bell housing are two slack metal discs which, when the lever is moved, vibrate and strike the bell, producing an extended repeat-strike ‘electric bell’ sound. It was compulsory to have a bell fitted on a new bicycle up to 1983 and this requirement was reintroduced in 2004.

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