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Candlestick Telephone

Candlestick Telephone

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Remind yourself of the early days of the 20th Century every time the telephone rings with this fantastic, fully operational, reproduction Candlestick telephone. Historical Drama fans (Downton Abbey; Upstairs Downstairs etc) will recognise the two handed operation of the original household phone with the mouthpiece mounted on the stand and the separate earpiece to be lifted up and held up to the ear. This phone is made from high grade plastic and brass metal parts with a dark black coloured finish and a mechanical bell ringing sound. A push button dial sits at the base of the centre piece and there is a last number redial function and adjustable volume. The authentic-looking fabric cord fits a standard UK phone socket and the unit requires no additional power.

Dimensions 36.5 x 17.0cm


The candlestick (or desk, upright or stick) telephone was commonly in operation throughout the early 20th Century, right up to the 1950s, though by then it had been superseded by more modern styles. Featuring a mouthpiece (carbon microphone transmitter) integral to the stand and a linked earpiece (receiver) to be lifted to the ear from a cradle attached to the stand; various styles existed. At first, they needed to be installed with a separate ringer box and connection to the network. When automated telephone exchanges were introduced, a rotary dial was added. However, during the 1920s and 1930s, technology moved on – with telephones having a handset which incorporated both the transmitter and receiver.

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