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Blockbusters Board Game

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Use knowledge and strategy to move across the unforgettably classic Blockbusters hexagon-based grid. The winner of the first three rounds gets to play the infamous Gold Round and claim their place as the ultimate Blockbuster champion. Including question cards, playing boards, hexagonal counters, rules and a sand timer, this is a fantastic and exciting family game which will thrill fans of the original programme and introduce others to the joy and wonders of Blockbusters.

Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 4.5cm


Blockbusters was broadcast on ITV for ten series between 1983 and 1993 and was produced by Central Independent Television for sixth formers. A daily trivia quiz show, contestants answered questions to progress across, or down, a game board of gold, blue and white hexagons, choosing the next question by a letter (or letters) printed on each gold hexagon. One of the most popular quizzes on TV, the quizmaster was Bob Holness. Memorably, Friday’s contestants (from 1986) did a "hand jive" to the end credits. The catchy theme music was composed by Ed Welch (in the key of C major: in a quirky twist, the four-note opening of Beethoven's 5th Symphony – in C minor - is mixed into the theme when the composer is shown in the titles) (the link opens in a new window):

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