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BBC2 Keyring

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Exceptionally durable, this keyring is made with high quality zinc alloy and the design is coated with a hard-wearing, soft touch epoxy coating. Perfectly weighted, it’s heavy enough to notice (you don’t want to lose your keys) but light enough to not be a burden in either pocket or bag. The 1970s style ‘BBC2’ image beautifully recreates the retro feeling of the television ident (logo) of that decade.

Dimensions: 4cm


The “Cube 2” logo, as it was known, was featured by BBC Two from 1967 to 1974. It was a blue figure '2', with a dot positioned inside (three spots came together to make a central dot, then a 2 was drawn around the dot, the colour legend appeared underneath and the 2 rotated). When rotating, a red, green and white ‘2” were revealed. This was to reflect that BBC2 was the only UK television station with a colour service on the UHF band. When BBC1 transferred to colour, in 1969, the ident was updated to be consistent.

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