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Batman Kapow Keyring

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Exceptionally durable, this keyring is made with high quality zinc alloy and the design is coated with a hard-wearing, soft touch epoxy coating. Perfectly weighted, it’s heavy enough to notice (you don’t want to lose your keys) but light enough to not be a burden in either pocket or bag. The 1960s style ‘Kapow’ image beautifully recreates the retro feeling of the Batman TV Series of that decade.

Dimensions: 4cm


Batman, the crime-fighting superhero defending Gotham City, has been reinvented several times since the very first Batman story appeared in Detective Comics in May 1939 and remained popular throughout various slumps in comic book sales. During one of these slumps in the mid 60s, DC was planning to kill Batman off but, instead, a new editor (Julius Schwartz) brought in a ‘New Look’ in May 1964, making the character more contemporary, and returning the stories to their ‘detective’ origins (removing the science fiction elements prevalent in the 50s). Artist Carmine Infantino helped overhaul the series – redesigning both the Batmobile and his costume – adding the now famous yellow ellipse behind the bat-symbol. Batman’s butler Alfred was initially killed off alongside some other characters, but was quickly restored and ‘Aunt Harriet’ joined Bruce Wayne (Batman’s alter ego) and Dick Grayson in their mansion. Batman is also known as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, and the World's Greatest Detective.


The 1966 TV series which followed transformed the popularity and reach of the character, increasing comic book sales generally and lifting Batman comic sales to nearly 900,000 copies. It starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, reinstated Alfred and added Batgirl. Though successful, many soon became tired of the camp style, upbeat theme music and simplistic moral lessons (for younger viewers) and it was cancelled after three seasons and 120 episodes in March 1968.

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