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Bakelite Fabric Tape Measure

Bakelite Fabric Tape Measure

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This quality bakelite case houses a 10 metre or 33 feet long fabric tape measure. It is the ideal for hobbyist and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Easily measure around corners, for example. Every sports day should have one to measure out the distances – to place the cones correctly – to mark out the long jump – all sorts of interesting things that need measuring.

Dimensions: 1000 x 1.2cm


Consisting of a tape or ribbon of fabric, plastic (vinyl) or fibreglass with measurement markings down its length, a flexible ruler is a common measuring tool – particularly for middle distance measuring (tens of metres) or for measuring curves or around corners. Easily portable and safer than equivalent metal or wooden devices, wind-up tape measures come in a sturdy case which holds a reel of the tape which can be extended by pulling the tape out, or retracted using a manual winding handle.

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