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Green Cross Code Keyring

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Exceptionally durable, this keyring is made with high quality zinc alloy and the design is coated with a hard-wearing, soft touch epoxy coating. Perfectly weighted, it’s heavy enough to notice (you don’t want to lose your keys) but light enough to not be a burden in either pocket or bag. The 1970s style ‘Green Cross Code’ image beautifully recreates the retro feeling of the popular advertising campaign of that decade.

Dimensions: 4cm


The aim of the Green Cross Code, a guide for pedestrians created in 1970, was to raise awareness of road safety. It was created by the National Road Safety Committee, which later became RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). As part of the campaigning, and to appeal to younger children, The Green Cross Man, a superhero, was added and the Central Office of Information produced a series of Public Information Films featuring the character (played by David Prowse MBE) which appeared on UK television between 1975 and 1990. Sometimes accompanied by a companion robot, his catchphrase was "Green Crosses!" and his warning was "I won't be there when you cross the road; so always use the Green Cross Code."

The Public Information Films are available to view on the National Archives website (the link opens in a new window):

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