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Moka Pot Brewing (or macchinetta [“small machine”], Moka Express or Stovetop Espresso) is the most popular way to brew coffee in the Italian home (90% of homes have one). Patented by Luigi De Ponti, for Alfonso Bialetti (1933), it is a stylish stove-top or electric coffee maker – which produces espresso coffee by passing pressurised boiling water through ground coffee. Bialetti Industrie still produces the same iconic design - made from aluminium with a Bakelite handle. With functionality derived from laundry equipment of the 1920s, it demonstrates careful, simple design and scrupulous attention to detail. While Moka Pots are often compared to espresso makers, the resultant coffee is not regarded as a ‘true’ espresso (it has different flavour characteristics) because the coffee is extracted at a lower pressure (1-2 bar) than the standards for espresso coffee dictate (9 bar). That said, the coffee extraction by Moka Pot is similar or higher than conventional espresso machines or filter coffee (the coffee is stronger) and, depending on the variety of bean and coarseness of the grind used, they can create a desirable crema as well.

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