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Hong Kong Phooey was a half-hour long animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera, shown on Saturday mornings and featuring the voice talents of Scatman Crothers, Joe E. Ross, Kathy Gori and Don Messick. First broadcast on ABC (US) in 1974, it was a parody of the popular kung fu based shows and movies of the time. Penrod ‘Penry’ Pooch is the “mild mannered” janitor at police headquarters (working under the watchful eye of "Sarge" - Sergeant Flint); crime-fighting Hong Kong Phooey is his hapless and laughably clumsy secret identity. Jumping into a nearby filing cabinet to don his trusty costume / disguise (and getting stuck in the process – before being released by Spot, his long-suffering cat), he fights crime armed with his copy of The Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu, a martial-arts instruction manual. He is also assisted by the "Phooeymobile" (which automatically changes into all manner of useful things like a car, boat, plane, or telephone booth). Comically, success on his missions comes only from interventions by Spot, who is fortunately very capable, or from the unintended consequences of his actions.

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